Essay: its structure and where to find good samples

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In modern life, situations often arise when it is necessary to write an essay. Afraid of this is not worth it. The main thing is not just to reveal the topic, but also to make it interesting, trying to grab the reader’s attention from the first sentence.

Before proceeding with the assignment, it is necessary to understand what an essay is and what are its fundamental differences from other types of creative written work. Let’s start with the definition. An essay is a genre of literary prose of small volumes and free composition. In this type of composition, an individual impression or opinion of the author concerning a certain topic is transmitted. The term comes from the French essai – “essay, test, attempt”, which goes back to the Latin exagium – “weighing”. A more complete understanding of what an essay is will help you to make academic definitions.

The main thing in the essay is the presence of a brightly marked author’s “I” in reflections on a given topic, the presence of a clearly expressed attitude to an exciting question. The specific semantic content of the work of this genre is completely determined by its appearance. Thus, if the subject of reasoning concerns history, then the basis for the essay can be a global understanding of the consequences of revolutions and wars or the assessment of certain significant events from the point of view of the author. An essay on philosophy can be devoted to the comparison of several conceptual schools, on literature – criticism from non-standard positions of a well-known novel of a classic or a work of a modern author that caused a public outcry. by logical cognition, in the works of the second genre, the central place is occupied by subjective opinion, which does not claim to be an immutable dogma. To get a high score for a foreign language essay, you should pay attention not only to grammar, but also try to use a sufficient number of introductory constructions, stable phrases, idioms and sayings to not only open up the topic in an original way but also to demonstrate deep knowledge of the subject. Also you can take a look at the samples of essay in the Internet.

Depending on the content, form, and style of presentation, literary theorists identify various types of essays: artistic, historical, spiritual and religious; stories, letters, diaries, reviews, notes, miniatures; descriptive, narrative, critical, analytical; subjective, objective. The boundaries of the essay as a genre are conditional, so the author can use the freestyle of presentation to share the topic, sharing impressions and judgments about a particular phenomenon, subject or global trends, large-scale events.

Sample Essay

The bright modern samples of the genre include posts in Internet blogs. High-quality journalistic materials are written in the manner of writing characteristic of the essay. This is personalized journalism when the author is no longer just a faceless source of information, but a storyteller interpreting facts or events and causing an audience interest in his persona.