Format of dissertation: how to design it well?

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In accordance with the Regulations on the procedure for awarding academic degrees and assigning academic titles, the design of dissertations must comply with the requirements for works submitted to the press.

Today, dissertation format should be performed on a computer using modern text editors. For example, the well-known word processor Microsoft Word completely satisfies such requirements.

7.0 for Windows 95 or higher. The benefits of computer design are hard to overestimate. This is a powerful leap in improving the quality of work: a significant reduction in the number of inaccuracies and errors, ease of correction, a full set of possibilities for fitting mathematical dependencies and foreign text into the text, performing the most complex figures, graphs, charts, and tables.

Perform some of the settings in MS Word 7.0 to prepare the text.

In the File menu, execute the Page Setup command … and make sure that the sheet sizes are standard: 210 x 297 mm (A4 format), portrait orientation.

We define the page margins: left – 30 mm, top – 20 mm, right – 10 mm, bottom – 25 mm.

Font – Normal, Times New Roman.

Font size – 14 points.

Note. In the printing industry, the item is used as the standard unit for measuring the font size.

In inch 72 points.

The saturation of letters and signs should be even within the line, page, and the whole dissertation. Minimum

allowable font height 1.8 mm.

The text is placed on one side of the sheet.

As already noted, the volume of dissertation work on the Regulations is not specified but is considered quite sufficient if the master’s thesis contains approximately 120-150, and the doctoral dissertation 300-350 pages.

All pages of the thesis are numbered in order from the title page to the last page. On the title page, the number “1” is not put, on the next page, the number “2” is put down, etc. The sequence number is printed in the upper right corner of the page field, without any additional characters (dashes, dots).

The format of dissertation, prepared in a foreign language, should include an additional title page, made in native, which is not numbered but included in the total number of pages indicated in the UDC and the accompanying letter.

Corrections in the dissertation after passing it to the council are not allowed.

A sloppy dissertation and a dissertation containing errors may be returned to the applicant.