How to write a comparative essay?

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Perhaps you were asked a comparative essay at school or you need to write a comprehensive comparative report at work. To write an excellent comparative text, you need to start with the identification of two objects that have enough common features and differences that are amenable to the meaningful comparison. An example would be two sports teams or two forms of government. Then you need to find at least two or three points by which they can be compared using research and facts and logically structuring your work, which will help to impress and captivate your readers. Writing a comparative essay is an important skill that is often useful to you in your studies or even your career.

Carefully analyze the issue. You may have already come up with great ideas for writing. And find good compare and contrast essay examples, but if they do not exactly correspond to a given topic, you will lose points. Read the wording of the task, the leading questions (or the title, if any) and underline the key phrases. Keep a list of them in front of you throughout the work.

Often the fact that the essay should be comparative in nature is indicated by such words in the text of the assignment as “compare”, “match”, “similarities”, “differences” and so on.

Please note if there are any restrictions on the task.

Make a list of similarities and differences compared objects. Identifying signs of similarity is a basic task of comparative work, but you have to show that the objects are still different from each other, so that signs of difference will be indicated in a good composition. By examining exactly how objects differ from each other, you can make a deeper comparison.

Evaluate your list for compare and contrast essay to find the necessary essay arguments. You may not be able to cover in the work all that you have included in the list. Reread it carefully and try to identify a specific topic or scheme. This will help you decide what will serve as a base for comparison. After that, you should see the main structural units of the essay and its main idea.

If you want, you can highlight in different colors the moments relating to different moments of comparison.

For example, comparing the two novels, you can highlight the similarities of the characters of pink, the scene of action – blue, the issues affected – green.

Prepare a thesis statement. Each essay should have a clear and intelligible abstract statement. For the better understanding you can find compare and contrast essay examples. Even if you yourself did not choose the basis of comparison, but simply received such a task, you need to write in one sentence, why do you conduct the comparison. The comparison should reveal something in the objects or their connection with each other, and your thesis statement should indicate what exactly you are revealing.